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Winter confusion...

There have been days in the last couple of weeks when it has felt like spring and even summer but the weather today confirms it is in fact still winter. We have however been busy with breeding bird surveys. Some birds have been a bit confused with the weather and have started 'courting' and setting up territories ahead of the 'official' breeding seasons.

Common gull nesting in oil drum

We have seen skylark in Aberdeenshire arriving on fields and soaring with their melodious song to great heights. The traditional lekking grounds of Black Grouse are once more alive with strutting male birds eager to win the attentions of females for a chance to breed. Early nesting birds such as dipper, eagle and heron will be well ahead of the others.

Male Black grouse strutting his stuff

However for the most part birds are holding off and waiting for settled weather and the longer days to build their nests and get on with the business of raising this years young.

Common gull chicks newly hatched


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