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Large Scale Developments

Windfarms, overhead power- lines, large scale hydro-schemes, underground cable routes, bridge construction, housing developments, road widening or construction

We can assist with your large scale projects through undertaking protected species and habitat surveys and producing reports to inform the design of a scheme or to support  planning applications. We can provide a small team of specialist surveyors to include vegetation, protected mammal species, fisheries, invertebrate, bat and bird survey necessary for larger scale assessments.

From the survey information we can provide where required an Ecological Assessment that will place the potential impact of your development in the regional, national and international context.

  1. ECoW

  2. Protected species survey

  3. Fish habitat surveys

  4. Environmental Assessment

  5. Phase 1 and NVC Habitat

  6. Environmental auditing

Small Scale Developments

Building plots, building conversions and extensions, woodland felling and thinning, small scale renewables

Planning authorities are increasingly passing on the responsibility to undertake pre-planning protected species surveys prior to submission of planning applications. There is therefore a clear responsibility on the developer to demonstrate that they have considered protected species in their proposal prior to any planning application being approved. We can assist with your project by providing cost effective surveying and mitigation advice that complies with planning authority requirements.

Development survey for protected species

  1. Protected species survey

  2. Building survey – bats & birds

  3. Tree survey BS 5837 for development

  4. Invasive species advice eg Japanese Knotweed

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