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Bat eating snakes...

In early 2017 we took a trip to Cuba and were able to visit some caves with a range of bats and even bat eating snakes resting at the entrance waiting for their next meal. We also took the opportunity to lend some support to CUBABAT see ( with the donation of equipment including two SM2 remote bat detectors. These have been put to good use since then. Melissa from CUBABAT recently contacted us with some pictures of the detectors being use and wrote

I just wanted to let you know that we have finally learned how to use the acoustic equipment, and used it while I was there in December. Thank you very much for this donation! We were able to get some really interesting recordings of species many of us have never seen (especially species belonging to Molossidae). We were also able to confirm the presence of Lasiurus pfeifferi at our site that was decimated by the hurricane (Insert pic). None of us had ever delved in acoustics before, but now we see how important (and pretty cool) it all is! Thanks again from all of us at CUBABAT’.

This was our first trip to Cuba which is a fantastic country with friendly people and rich wildlife and we will certainly aim to get back before too long. Meanwhile we await temperatures improving in Scotland so we can start our bat survey season in earnest.


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